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R&D FZR | FZS Performer Kit
R&D FZR | FZS Performer Kit
7680 RPM  71 MPH
The R&D Yamaha FZ/FZR Performer Kit was developed to significantly improve overall handling, pump efficiency and engine performance with easy to install entry level performance parts. Each component part listed can be installed and used as a stand-alone product. The R&D FZ/FZR Performer Kit has been extensively tested in all water conditions proving its performance and reliability. The addition of the R&D Performer Kit will add a full 4 miles per hour to top speed performance and transform the Yamaha FZ into one of the best handling, and most fun watercraft on the water! Order up some fun today!

Our Price: $1,283.00
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SHO High Flow Exhaust Kit
Yamaha SHO FZR High Flow Exhaust Kit
The R&D SHO High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a noticeable low end and mid range power feel as well as add top end performance! The R&D High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a great performance sound to the SHO while maintaining a safe and under IJSBA and Coast Guard approved 86 db!

Our Price: $189.95
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The R&D FZR Power Core Intake Manifold and Intercooler CFM Kit was developed to increase airflow into and through the intake system by relieving restrictions. The R&D FZR intake manifold ribbon remover sleeve will unlock a 40 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air flow restriction by replacing the intake manifold ribbon with the R&D billet venturi sleeve. The R&D Intercooler Spacer will unlock a 30-35 CFM restriction in the intercooler. The R&D FZR Intake Kit will add low end and mid range throttle response, and a full 100 plus rpms to top end performance to a stock FZR . The R&D FZR Intake Kit is an absolute must have parts kit to remove intake restrictions before contemplating power adding compressor booster wheels or turbo charger kits to the Yamaha FZR engine. True horsepower gains on the Yamaha FZR start right here with the R&D Intake Kit. More airflow will equal more power, and there is no other way around the fact that restricted is restricted power.

Our Price: $79.95
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