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Yamaha FZR Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Yamaha FZR | FZS Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Our Price: $450.00
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TBM Racing is happy to deliver to the market the first extended fuel cell for the Yamaha FZR and FZS. The fuel cell was designed a few core concepts: (1) Provide the recreational rider & endurance racer at least 6 gallons of additional capacity and (2) remove/install in less than 60 seconds. This fuel cell accomplishes both goals. The current fuel capacity for a Yamaha FZ is 18.5 gallons. A stock Yamaha burns 21.4 Gallons per Hour (GPH). The tested GPS speeds at TBM Racing for a stock Yamaha was 68.3 MPH, which makes a fuel range at wide open throttle (WOT) of 59 miles. For an average riding effort we were able to get approximately 80 miles at the most from one tank of gas when out rec riding. For the recreation rider, that is not a long time to enjoy your PWC. And for the Endurance Racer, it is not enough fuel to finish a normal endurance race of 60 miles. With an additional 6.8 gallons, you now have a 37% increase in fuel capacity, which puts the rec rider to approximately 110 miles to the tank. This puts you on par with many 4-Stroke non-supercharged PWCs on the market today. For the endurance racer, it is a no brainer. If youre running additional modifications you can burn up to 30 GPH with a Stage 3 FZR /FZS. If youre burning that type of fuel, you will need more capacity. And TBM has your solution.

In addition, the TBM Fuel Cell is located directly over the pump, which will give you better hook-up and balance to your FZR/FZS. The TBM Fuel Cell draws down the fuel first, then draws from the main tank. This means, your fuel gauge will give you an accurate assessment as to how far you have to go until empty. When you want to remove the tank, you unscrew 4 bolts and unhook the male-female lines to the tank & plug them into each other and youre off.