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Ultra 250/12F/15F Exhaust Emission Blockoff Kit
Ultra 250/12F/15F Exhaust Emission Blockoff Kit
Our Price: $37.50

The R&D Exhaust Emission Blockoff Kit was developed to block off the O.E.M. exhaust emission ports located in the valve cover that connects to the exhaust ports. The Kawasaki labeled “air suction valve” operates effectively under low speed and cruise RPM ranges allowing air to be pulled from the main air box plenum and into the exhaust ports, which will result in a lower measured emission ratio (cleaner). The air suction valves fiber reed pedals can become heat damaged over time which can cause the valves to leak or back flow hot exhaust gases back out of the valve at sustained W.O.T. (wide open throttle) operations. Leaking air suction valves can result in a melted PVC connector T and poor top speed performance. The R&D Air Suction Blockoff Plate Kit will reduce exhaust gas temperatures, lower exhaust back pressures, improve low and top speed performance, and deliver a more accurate and precise air to fuel ratio for precision high performance tuning accuracy. The R&D Air Suction Blockoff Plates are a great addition to any recreational application to remove expensive prematurely worn valves that can cause poor performance. The addition of a R&D Blockoff Kit will be strongly suggested on any stage level of performance modifications on the Ultra 250X.