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Kawasaki Trued-Welded Crankshaft
Kawasaki Trued-Welded Crankshaft
Our Price: $885.00

Increase reliability of high powered Yamaha motors with trued and welded Riva Crankshafts. OEM crankshafts are trued and balanced to exact factory specifications. Crank pins are welded for added strength. A must for all Superstock motors. Also available rebuilt stock crankshafts.
Kawasaki Crankshaft 750
Kawasaki Crankshaft 750
Our Price: $470.00

All new assembly.
Crankshafts assembled with Hot Rods Connecting Rods, main bearings and inner crankshaft webs.
Factory assembled and trued to .001 tolerance.
Ready for installation.
Completely rebuidable.
IJSBA legal.
Hi Performance Ceramic Crankshaft Bearings - Kawasaki SX-R 800
Hi Performance Ceramic Crankshaft Bearings - Kawasaki SX-R 800
Our Price: $130.00

Introducing the highest quality crankshaft bearing you can buy for your Kawasaki 800 SX-R.   With the increased horsepower we are getting out of our Limited and Superstock engines the crankshaft bearings are the first part to fail.   The stock bearing is adequate for the 80hp stock engine, although when we are exceeding 160hp on our Superstock engines we commonly have bearing failures.   With over two years of testing we are very pleased with this bearing and also see a small increase in hp due to the reduced friction on the crankshaft.   Great for a Limited engine as well and we consider it mandatory equipment on any TBM built Superstock engine.