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Yamaha SHO Intake Grate
Riva SHO / FX 08 Top Loader Intake Grate
Our Price: $199.95

Riva FX SHO  Top-Loader intake grate improves hook up and handling in rough conditions. Center wing eliminates prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate along with the SHO’s tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds. Powder coated to prevent corrosion
R&D Aquavein Intake Grate, Yamaha SHO
R&D Aquavein Intake Grate, Yamaha SHO
Our Price: $249.95

The R&D Yamaha SHO Aquavein Intake Grate Kit has been designed and developed to deliver the ultimate handling and top speed performance in recreational, offshore, and closed course race conditions. The R&D SHO Aquavein has been extensively offshore, race track, 1 and 2 up recreational tested to offer reduced cavitation and maximum pump hook up in any condition. The R&D SHO Aquavein will deliver noticeably quicker acceleration, higher top speed performance and a much smoother and more predictable ride over the OEM intake grate in rough water conditions. Low speed and high speed turns are a breeze with new found control. The secret to the R&D Aquavein’s performance is in its patented, award winning, and championship winning wing design. The proven R&D top loader Aquavein wing concept has been used exclusively by Factory Kawasaki and Yamaha racing teams to win every Pro 1200 and Open World Championship for a full decade! Bolt on an R&D SHO Aquavein top loader intake grate and experience why R&D is the top selling intake system worldwide.
RIVA FZR Top-Loader Intake Grate
RIVA FZR | FZS | SHO Top-Loader Intake Grate
Our Price: $289.95

Riva revolutionary new intake grate for FZR/FZS delivers the ultimate in speed, hook up & strength. All new design features oversized top loader wing and optimized inlet ramp for closed course and offshore racing. Bulletproof stainless steel construction makes this grate virtually indestructible and eliminates the need for additional restrictive support bars. Race bred design significantly reduces cavitation and provides superior handling along with unmatched durability in extreme conditions.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Dramatic increase in hook up due to new top-loader wing design & inlet ramp.
  • Improved top speed in rough water conditions.
  • No top speed loss on smooth water.
  • Race bred design provides excellent handling.
  • Significantly reduces cavitation.
  • Bulletproof stainless steel construction tested to 90mph.