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Motec UTC Cable and Adapter for M400 ECU
Our Price: $395.00
Motec UTC Cable and Adapter for M400 ECU
The MoTeC UTC adapts the USB to CAN and includes a USB-A to USB-B extension cable Required to connect the Motec ECU to PC. M-UTC Needed to load maps and access data logging functions.
Motec Sport Dash
Our Price: $2,770.00
Motec Sport Dash
The Sport Dash Logger (SDL) is a standalone, fully configurable display unit that can be upgraded with 8 MB of logging memory at any time, using a simple password system.
Replacing traditional analogue gauges with an SDL adds all the benefits of a digital display such as warning alarms, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and lap times.
While the SDL can be used standalone it can also receive information from an ECU such as RPM and engine temperature.
The SDL can also be used as a display and input/output device for the ACL. In this case the SDL does not need the logging upgrade since the ACL performs the logging function.