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FX140 Riva RPM Kit
Yamaha FX140 2002~07 Riva RPM Kit

Stock 54-55 MPH @ 10,100RPM

59 MPH @ 10,300RPM

Parts Price Total: $1,239.60
Price if Purchased as Kit: $1,194.00
You save $45.60!
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RIVA Solas Concord Set-Back Impeller
RIVA Solas Concord Set-Back Impeller, 12/19, 155mm (60E)
Set-Back 12-19 Degree, 155mm (66V)
The RIVA/Solas ‘Set-Back’ is a special series of performance impellers offered exclusively by RIVA and RIVA authorized dealers.
Built by Solas, these impellers deliver the ultimate in performance for modified Yamaha watercraft.
Inner hub is machined allowing impellers to mount closer to vein housing for reduced cavitation and more top speed.
All three blades are digitally calibrated to RIVA’s uniform pitch specifications.
Impellers are then dynamically spin-balanced at high RPM.
A precision factory blueprinting process is performed far exceeding any ‘prop shop’ services available.
Includes Billet Impeller Cone for maximum performance and durability.

Our Price: $269.95
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Yamaha VX110 Sponson Kit
RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit, SHO / FX / VX
Unique blade design provides a significant improvement to the handling characteristics. Reduces rough water hunting and rolling sometimes experienced with stock sponsons. Sponson depth is adjustable to control the amount of influence they have on craft. Easily installs to stock mounting points with our bulletproof mounting system that features billet inserts in sponson fins.
Fits all Yamaha SHO, FX & VXR VXS models.

Our Price: $249.95
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RIVA FX140 Performance Ride Plate
RIVA FX-HO Performance Ride Plate
RIVA FX-140 / FX-HO Performance Ride Plates

  • Improves Top Speed and Handling
  • Provides Quicker Planing
  • Great for Riding Multiple Passengers
  • Compatible with OEM Speedo Sender
  • IJSBA Race Legal

FITS: 2005 & Newer FX 140 / 2004~08 FX HO

Our Price: $189.95
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Yamaha FX-140 Ride Plate Yamaha
R&D Ride Plate Yamaha FX-140 2002 | 2004
R&D development team strived to create a ride plate design that eliminates the slight but annoying high-speed "bow search" that is noticed in the FX-140 OEM ride plate that occurs when riding at wide open throttle, and is more noticeable with ˝ to full fuel loads! With the new R&D plate the "bow search" is eliminated, regardless of what the fuel load is. Additionally, the new R&D FX-140/Cruiser ride plate delivers between a .50 and 1 mph speed increase as verified with a stalker pro series radar gun.

Out of Stock!

Our Price: $182.72
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Yamaha FX Free Flow Exhaust Kit
RIVA FX Free Flow Exhaust Kit, FX140 | FX-HO
Replaces the restrictive sound suppression system located between the waterbox and hull exit on your watercraft. Improves engine performance by reducing back pressure and harmful detonation. Easy installation with noticeable results. RACE legal.

Our Price: $109.95
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Yamaha FX Power Filter Flame Arrestor
RIVA FX 140 Power Filter Flame Arrestor (60E)
Flame Arrestor only, all FX models
The Riva FX Power Filter® is a direct replacement for the restrictive stock air filter in the OEM air box. Delivers increased airflow to engine providing improved throttle response, acceleration and top speed. Screen-type element will not soak up excess engine oil as does the OEM paper element that increasingly restricts performance.
NOTE: Power Filter required when using RIVA FX Velocity Stacks (part# RY1325-VSK) to meet U.S. Coast Guard flame arrestor requirements.

Our Price: $99.95
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