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R&D - TIAL 50mm SURGE PROTECTOR KIT - SHO FZR RIVA FX-SHO/FZR/FZS Performance Blow-off Valve Kit
Our Price: $399.95
Our Price: $379.95
RD Surge Protector Kit for SHO FZR FXSHO FZR FZS Performance Blow-off Valve Kit
R&D announces the release of the new R&D/Tial 50mm Surge Protector Kit. R&D has been committed to on going research for any part that proves to be an aid in reducing the inherent and well known clutch issues related to running high performance boost wheels and high boost pressures in the Yamaha 1.8 Supercharged engine. R&D has noticed a significant reduction in clutch related issues in high boost ranges by ???Going Big???.  R&D engineers have concluded through endurance testing that the new 50mm R&D/Tial Valve with its huge 50mm lightweight billet aluminum piston, and 6 massive (bigger than any other valve) pressure relief ports, to outperform the smaller (25-35mm) HKS Sequential, and 35mm Greddy RZ Valves. The trick R&D has found with this valve is, in aggressive off throttle situations with a gear driven supercharger the big Tial 50mm piston responds quickly to allow the reduction of boost pressure which relieves back pressure that can affect the clutch. The new 50mm design also has a much larger diaphragm over HKS and Greddy, which helps the piston react quicker to relieve pressure. If you are running Boost Wheels that produce over 15 pounds of boost, R&D strongly suggests looking into a larger valve setup. It only stands to reason that with higher boost pressures, a larger valve can allow quicker discharge of air volume. Valve kit comes complete with R&D high temp silicone hose, Tial 50mm valve, billet Aluminum V-clamp, banjo style vacuum fitting, and ????? vacuum line. Riva Performance Blow-off Valve Kit improves supercharger reliability and performance by relieving unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation. Reduces supercharger clutch & gear wear and eliminates heat soak in discharge tube. High-strength silicone hose with integrated HKS valve installs easily in place of OEM elbow joint. Includes high quality HKS Super SQV (Super Sequential Blow Off Valve) that features unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, allowing for a broad operation boost range. Also includes vacuum line and fittings necessary for installation on SHO engine. A simple and cost effective upgrade for both stock and modified engines.
R&D SHO/FZR Surge Protector Kit Pro- Series Blow-Off Valve kit FX- SHO FZR FZS
Our Price: $299.95
Our Price: $299.95
FZR Surge Protector Kit Pro- Series Blow-Off Valve kit
The R&D Yamaha FZR Surge Protector Kit will significantly improve supercharger clutch and compressor wheel performance and reliability by eliminating damaging compressor surge. Compressor surge is defined as the negative charge of pressure that causes turbulence in the supercharger that occurs during aggressive deceleration or off-throttle operations. When the throttle valve is abruptly closed at high rpm’s the engine decelerates quickly down from 8,000 rpm’s, however the supercharger is compressing air (creating boost) as the supercharger has to decelerate from 80,000 rpm’s. This turbulence is the primary cause of undue stress on the supercharger compressor wheel, intercooler, clutch system, and its components. The R&D Yamaha FZR Surge Protection Kit utilizes an automotive vacuum assisted Bosch pressure blow off valve that releases the unwanted intake pressure between the throttle valve and the supercharger thus keeping the pressures in P1 and P2 equal. As soon as the throttle valve is opened, the blow off valve immediately closes and the compressor can supply its full boost potentials to the engine. High quality HKS Blow-off Valve reduces wear and tear on clutch & drive gears of supercharger and eliminates heat soak in discharge tube. For use with RIVA FX-SHO/FZR/ FZS Power Cooler (part# RY17040-PC). HKS Super SQV (Super Sequential Blow Off Valve) features unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, allowing for a broad operation boost range. Includes vacuum line and specific fittings necessary for installation.
SHO /FZR GReddy Blow Off Valve R&D Billet Surge Protector Valve & Filter Kit
Our Price: $295.00
Our Price: $275.95
SHO Blow Off Valves R&D Billet Surge Protector Valve & Filter Kit
GReddy Blow Off Valves are easily adjustable to eliminate compressor surge and preventing premature boost leakage, while increasing boost response. Each valve is made of durable cast and billet aluminum frame and the valve to diaphragm ratio provides performance that cheap piston types cannot offer. The spring stiffness adjustment screw and the three different sizes give the GReddy user the option to match vehicles with mild upgrades to heavily tuned engines. There are many factors in matching a blow-off valve to an application, valve location, turbocharger/supercharger size and pressure, but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend the Type RZ for 100-400hp. The R&D Billet Surge Protector Valve and Filter Kit is now available. The billet aluminum CNC machined valve is an optional bolt-on replacement for the plastic Bosch valve used in the R&D and other aftermarket surge protection systems. The o-ring sealed billet design offers improved consistency and performance in higher boost pressure applications.
SHO | FZR GReddy 1" Hose Adaptor Blow-off Valve Block-off Kit, HKS SSQV
Our Price: $37.95
Out of Stock!
Our Price: $19.95
Yamaha FZR Hose Adaptor FXSHO Blowoff Valve Blockoff Kit
1" Hose Adaptor to be used with R&D SHO/FZR GReddy Blow Off Valve. For use with RIVA FX-SHO/FZ Power Cooler Kit (part# RY17040-PC) to cover opening left when recommended RIVA/HKS Blow-off Valve Kit is not utilized.