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R&D SeaDoo Intake Grate | RXT GTX Intake Grate
R&D Aquavein Intake Grate, SeaDoo RXT/GTX 4TEC all `02~04/GTX 951 DI`02+
List Price: $129.73
Our Price: $169.95

Nothing Outperforms An Aquavein

R&D's new Aquavein Scoop Grate kit that is now available for SEA-DOO's new supercharged model is an absolute necessity to tame the cavitation that is created by SEA-DOO's new supercharged 1500cc 185hp beast of an engine! Zero cavitation and quicker acceleration from 0-30mph is what you can expect from R&D's new 2 bar, full winged design. Improved low and high speed cornering, greater straight line stability, and an increase of .50mph in the speed department! The new R&D 4Tek Aquavein Grate installs easily in minutes and has been tested extensively with both the OEM impellor and the new R&D/Skat-Trak 16/21 3 blade impellor. The R&D/Skat-Trak impellor and Aquavein combination nets a bolt on performance boost of a full 1.5mph gain in top speed!

The new R&D SEA-DOO RXT 4TEC Aquavein Scoop Grate delivers the same impressive performance results on the non-supercharged RXT 4TEC. Impellor pitch combinations will vary due to the horsepower difference. Call R&D Performance today for impellor updates and the latest performance tricks for the new SEA-DOO RXT 4TEC.