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RIVA Athena Dash Logger
Our Price: $994.95
RIVA Athena Dash Logger
Our RIVA/Athena Dash Logger allows you to monitor and log all critical engine functions along with internal GPS driven speed data. This waterproof unit plugs directly into RIVA/Athena ECU’s, RIVA/Vi-PEC V88-R ECU's & OEM Sea-Doo Bosch ECU's. Operates in unison with factory dash display and is compact enough to mount on handlebar cross-bar via optional mounting pad. Large easy-to-read backlit display provides data on user friendly selectable screens. All displayed engine & GPS data is logged for review through convenient computer download via USB port. GPS Track mapping function displays “live” lap times and related functions for buoy course training purposes. Features LED warning lights to notify operator of major engine concerns.

Key Features Include:

  • Large easy-to-read backlit screen.
  • Compact design allows handlebar mount with optional mounting pad.
  • Rugged waterproof construction.*
  • Built in GPS provides speed & position info.
  • Plugs directly into RIVA/Athena ECU's, RIVA/Vi-PEC V88-R ECU's & OEM Sea-Doo Bosch ECU's with waterproof connector via optional Extension Cables (see below).
  • Operates in unison with factory dash display.
  • Selectable display modes include 3 user definable pages for custom data display.
  • Easy to download “data file” allows review of engine functions & GPS data.
  • Logger memory holds last 60 minutes of operation.
  • Displays & logs the following data:
    • GPS Speed
    • RPM
    • Boost Pressure
    • Lambda (Athena & Vi-PEC V88R ECU's only)
    • Throttle Position Sensor
    • Knock Level (When Available)
    • Engine Temperature
    • Intake Air Temperature
    • Exhaust Manifold Temperature
    • Oil Pressure
    • Number of Satellites Acquired
  • Displays & logs MIN/MAX values of all data.
  • GPS Track mapping displays & logs lap times.
  • LED warning lights notify operator of engine concerns.
  • RIVA/Athena Pro Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU (part# RS11891-ECU-DC)
  • RIVA/Athena Pro Series Yamaha ECU (part# RY11841-ECU-HFPWC)
  • OEM Sea-Doo Bosch ECU
Extension Cables:
  • 2011 & Newer Sea-Doo Models using RIVA/Athena ECU & OEM Bosch ECU use part# RS11850-MD60-EC-11
  • 2010~09 Sea-Doo Models using RIVA/Athena ECU & OEM Bosch ECU use part# RS11850-MD60-EC-10
  • All Yamaha 1.8L Models using RIVA/Athena ECU use part# RY11841-MD60-EC
Mounting Options:
  • RY203-MD60-CB: Traditional ‘Cross-Bar’ Handlebar Pad Mount
  • RY203-MD60-FB: ‘Fat Bar’ Handlebar Pad Mount
  • RY11841-LD-MB: RAM Mount
* = Able to withstand direct splashing and spraying from any direction. Not rated for complete submersion for extended periods of time.
RIVA Sea Doo Pro-Series ECU
Seadoo RXP ECU
RIVA Pro-Series Racing ECU delivers a huge performance advantage to the Sea•Doo 255 & 215 Supercharged Intercooled engines. 
*Installation of this racing product will void BRP factory warranty*
RIVA Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU
Our Price: $1,299.95
RIVA Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU

The RIVA/ATHENA Pro-Series iControl ECU provides a huge performance advantage to Sea-Doo iControl models delivering over 40hp to the stock 4-TEC engine. ECU is fully programmable with either RIVA supplied mapping or user adjustable parameters. Most calibrations require 91+ octane pump fuel. Plugs directly into factory wiring harness via waterproof connectors.

Key Features Include:

  1. Eliminates restrictive GPS speed limiter.
  2. Enables craft to start in SPORT mode for full power delivery.
  3. Easy loading of supplied calibrations/maps for various performance applications.
    • Performance Fuel Mapping: Delivers optimal fuel required for your specific level of modification based on boost pressure.
    • Performance Timing Curves: Special racing curves produce more power throughout the RPM range.
    • Rev Limiter Increase: Stock rev limit can been increased so engine RPM can be run higher producing more boost pressure and horsepower.
    • Boost Control for turbo applications. (Plug & play connector for wastegate solenoid).
  1. Ability to customize RIVA calibrations for special applications. Using supplied software, user can adjust parameters such as Fuel, Timing, Rev Limiter & Boost Control.
  2. Retains all iControl functions.
  3. Retains all OEM dash display functions & Engine Safety Functions.
  4. Includes an integrated barometric sensor that automatically compensates for altitude.
  5. Includes plug & play connector for RIVA Dash/Logger unit (RY11840-LD-MD60).
  6. Includes plug & play connector for optional lambda sensor kit (part# RY11540-LC1-6S5) for data logging air/fuel ratios & tuning functions.
  7. Direct-Connect design eliminates need for auxiliary wiring harness.
  8. Individual Cylinder Knock Control function protects engine. System identifies which cylinder is detonating by tracking firing order utilizing OEM knock sensor.
  9. User selectable dual calibration capacity.
  10. Provides an easy-to-use diagnostic system that monitors all engine sensors. Users can easily diagnose & clear faults codes via a computer connection with supplied software. This eliminates the need for the B.U.D.S. diagnostic & service took, which is exclusive to BRP dealers only.
NOTE: RIVA Pro-Series ECU is for competition use only.