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Riva Racing Sea Doo RXT-aS | RXT iS Stage 3 Kit
Riva Racing Sea Doo RXT-aS | RXT iS Stage 3 Kit

Stock (U.S. Model) 67 MPH @ 7,800 RPM
Stock (International Model)

68 MPH @ 7,800 RPM

Stage 1 Kit 72 MPH @ 7,900~8,000 RPM
Stage 2 Kit 74 MPH @ 8,300 RPM
Stage 3 Kit

77 MPH @ 8,550 RPM

Stage 4 Kit

80~81 MPH @ 8,750 RPM

Parts Price Total: $4,554.50
Price if Purchased as Kit: $4,339.00
You save $215.50!
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RIVA Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU
RIVA Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU

The RIVA/ATHENA Pro-Series iControl ECU provides a huge performance advantage to Sea-Doo iControl models delivering over 40hp to the stock 4-TEC engine. ECU is fully programmable with either RIVA supplied mapping or user adjustable parameters. Most calibrations require 91+ octane pump fuel. Plugs directly into factory wiring harness via waterproof connectors.

Key Features Include:

  1. Eliminates restrictive GPS speed limiter.
  2. Enables craft to start in SPORT mode for full power delivery.
  3. Easy loading of supplied calibrations/maps for various performance applications.
    • Performance Fuel Mapping: Delivers optimal fuel required for your specific level of modification based on boost pressure.
    • Performance Timing Curves: Special racing curves produce more power throughout the RPM range.
    • Rev Limiter Increase: Stock rev limit can been increased so engine RPM can be run higher producing more boost pressure and horsepower.
    • Boost Control for turbo applications. (Plug & play connector for wastegate solenoid).
  1. Ability to customize RIVA calibrations for special applications. Using supplied software, user can adjust parameters such as Fuel, Timing, Rev Limiter & Boost Control.
  2. Retains all iControl functions.
  3. Retains all OEM dash display functions & Engine Safety Functions.
  4. Includes an integrated barometric sensor that automatically compensates for altitude.
  5. Includes plug & play connector for RIVA Dash/Logger unit (RY11840-LD-MD60).
  6. Includes plug & play connector for optional lambda sensor kit (part# RY11540-LC1-6S5) for data logging air/fuel ratios & tuning functions.
  7. Direct-Connect design eliminates need for auxiliary wiring harness.
  8. Individual Cylinder Knock Control function protects engine. System identifies which cylinder is detonating by tracking firing order utilizing OEM knock sensor.
  9. User selectable dual calibration capacity.
  10. Provides an easy-to-use diagnostic system that monitors all engine sensors. Users can easily diagnose & clear faults codes via a computer connection with supplied software. This eliminates the need for the B.U.D.S. diagnostic & service took, which is exclusive to BRP dealers only.
NOTE: RIVA Pro-Series ECU is for competition use only.

Our Price: $1,299.95
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RIVA SeaDoo XX-Charger Supercharger - 255/260 4-Tec
RIVA SeaDoo XX-Charger Supercharger - 255/260 4-Tec
RIVA Racing XX-Supercharger High Performance Supercharger
For use on SeaDoo 4-Tec 255/260 Models
Our new XX-Charger delivers 14.5 psi of boost pressure at 8,500rpm producing arm wrenching acceleration and increased top speed. High performance impeller, spacer & front housing combo increase horsepower through superior Vortech impeller blade design and larger interior housing volume. Impeller features a sophisticated blade design that is precision balanced to deliver smooth operation. Housing, spacer & impeller install quickly and easily onto stock supercharger base plate. Requires RIVA Pro-Series ECU, RIVA Pro-Series Fuel Injectors (50lb) & RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit for correct calibration. Includes detailed installation instructions.

Applications: 255/260 Sea-Doo Models

  • 13.5psi @ 8,100rpm
  • 14.5psi @ 8,500rpm

Our Price: $699.95
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SeaDoo Valve Train
RIVA Sea Doo Valve Train Upgrade Kit ( 4-TEC all )
The Riva Valve Train Upgrade Kit increases the reliability of your modified engine by reducing the possibility of valve float at high rpm. Includes lightweight, precision-machined titanium valve retainers, racing valve springs, base washers and OE rocker arm shaft bolts that must be replaced during installation.

Our Price: $599.95
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Riva Pro-Series SeaDoo 100lb Fuel Injector
Riva Pro-Series Fuel Injector Kit, 100lb, Sea Doo 260 / 255
Our high performance 100lb per hour fuel injectors supply modified Sea•Doo iControl engines with the necessary amount of fuel to produce reliable horsepower. Must be used with Aftermarket Racing ECU for correct calibration. Available in three piece kit or sold individually.

Our Price: $499.95
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Riva Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
Riva Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit, Rising Rate; SD 4-TEC `08 and Newer
Our Fuel Pressure Regulator Kits provide the precision pressure control necessary to compliment a variety of performance applications. Kits are fully assembled & mount securely via sturdy stainless steel bracket. High quality billet pressure regulator can adjust base pressure from 25 to 80 PSI. Unit can also be set up as rising rate fuel pressure regulator at a 1 to 1 ratio providing one additional pound of fuel pressure for every pound of boost gain. Plugs directly into original fuel system with OEM connectors and features a large 3/8" fuel return line. Includes integrated liquid-filled pressure gauge and billet Fuel Pressure Regulator Block-off necessary for removal of stock fuel pressure regulator.

Our Price: $384.95
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Solas Concord Impeller
Sea Doo Solas R-Series Concord Impeller - 15/19R
Featured on Riva Racing Stage 1 Kit for RXP-X & RXT-X models.

Our Price: $329.95
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RIVA Sea-Doo RXT/GTX iS/aS Power Filter Kit
RIVA Sea-Doo RXT/GTX iS/aS Power Filter Kit
Delivers greatly improved acceleration and top speed increase by replacing the
restrictive stock intake system. The Power Filter® dramatically increases air
flow to your supercharger via a large 4” diameter intake duct and oversized
K&N filter element. Ducting is precision formed from a race proven composite
that will not conduct heat to incoming air. Installs securely to supercharger
via a tapered velocity stack, silicone coupler and stainless steel clamps.
Includes pre-filter element. NOTE: Sea•Doo and RIVA both strongly recommend the
use of premium octane (91+) pump fuel in your Supercharged watercraft.

Our Price: $269.95
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RXP Thermostat Kit
RIVA Sea Doo Thermostat Kit
Our cool running Thermostat Kit reduces the operating temperature of your modified 4-TEC® engine by 30°F for maximum reliability and performance. Kit includes replacement thremostat, billet coolant inlet flange, stock thermostat removal tool, Oetiker® clamps, Oetiker® pliers and detailed installation instructions. Fits all 255, 215, 185, 155 and 130 horsepower 4-TEC engines. NOTE: Thermostat housing (shown above) not included. Replacement coolant sold separately.

Our Price: $179.95
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SeaDoo OEM Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit | RXP-X/RXT-X
SeaDoo OEM Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit | RXP-X/RXT-X
Our Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit enables your engine to produce more horsepower through increased boost pressure (+1lb). Supplied hole cutting tool allows easy removal of restrictive screen element from inside of intake manifold. Special o-ringed, billet block-off plug with integrated fitting for aftermarket boost pressure gauge fills opening left after removal of screen element. Includes detailed installation instructions. NOTE: Our testing has determined the stock ECU will compensate for the increased boost provided by our Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit.

Not IJSBA & APBA Stock & Limited Class legal. Stock element must be removed through opening where throttle body mounts to intake manifold.

Our Price: $169.95
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