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Riva Racing Sea Doo RXT-X 260 / RXT 260 `11~13 Stage 1 Kit
Riva Racing Sea Doo RXT-X 260 / RXT 260 `11~13 Stage 1 Kit

Stock (U.S. Model) 67 MPH @ 7,800 RPM
Stock (International Model)

68 MPH @ 7,800 RPM

Stage 1 Kit

72 MPH @ 7,900~8,000 RPM

Stage 2 Kit 74 MPH @ 8,300 RPM
Stage 3 Kit 77 MPH @ 8,550 RPM
Stage 4 Kit

80~81 MPH @ 8,750 RPM

Parts Price Total: $1,209.80
Price if Purchased as Kit: $1,151.00
You save $58.80!
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RIVA Racing Sea Doo RXT-X 260 Power Filter Kit
RIVA Racing Sea Doo RXT-X 260 Power Filter Kit
Our RXT-X 260 Power Filter Kit draws cold air from outside your engine compartment delivering awesome performance and eliminating power-robbing heat intake. Air intake is separated from hot engine compartment with rigid thermal bulkhead that installs between engine & fuel tank. Cold air is delivered to engine via large 4" smooth-bore ducting that is attached to supercharger with unique velocity stack and sturdy billet clamps. Requires use of RIVA Catch Can/Oil Breather System(part# RS19050-BCC). Fits 2010-2011 RXT-X 260 only (excludes iS/aS models).

Key Features:

  • Delivers increased acceleration & top speed.
  • True "cold air" intake is separated from engine heat via thermal bulkhead.
  • Genuine screen type K&N flame arrestor.
  • Large 4" smooth-bore ducting attaches to supercharger via flow-matched velocity stack.

NOTE: 2011 & newer models require Tank Strap Upgrade Kit (part # RS13100-TSUK).

Our Price: $489.95
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Sea Doo Solas SRZ R-Series Concord Impeller
Sea Doo Solas R-Series Concord Impeller - SRZ-15/20
Riva / Solas Concord 15/20 R Series Pitch Impeller

Constructed of high strength stainless steel, Solas Impellers feature a polished hub and exclusive hub-end water seal for reduced cavitation. All "R" model Solas impellers are placed in a pitch-block before leaving Solas to ensure accuracy for optimal performance. Avaialble only from RIVA Racing and RIVA Authorized Dealers!

Use SRZ Impeller for all SeaDoo 4-Tec 215/255 2009-2012

Our Price: $319.95
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Sea Doo RXP Solas Concord Impeller
Sea Doo Solas R-Series Concord Impeller - 15/20R
Featured on Riva Racing RXP Stage 2 Kit.

Our Price: $319.95
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RIVA SeaDoo iControl Speed Control Override
RIVA SeaDoo Speed Control Override Module for iControl
The RIVA Speed Control Override Module removes the restrictive GPS speed control function on Sea-Doo iControl models delivering significant increases in top speed with stock ECU. Easy to install module allows system to start in "Sport Mode" for maximum performance. "Touring Mode" can be manually selected after start up.

Key Features:

  • Removes GPS controlled speed limiter.
  • Increases top speed utilizing stock ECU.
  • Works on all 2010~11 255/260hp iControl models.
  • U.S. models will gain 3mph with SRX-CD-15/22R pump impeller.
  • Allows further top speed gains through aftermarket modifications.
  • Allows system to start in "Sport Mode".
  • All original dash functions are retained.
  • Easy plug-in installation.

Our Price: $249.95
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SeaDoo Engine Breather Catch Can Kit  255/215/185
SeaDoo Engine Breather Catch Can Kit 255/215/185
Easy to install catch can/oil breather eliminates power-robbing crankcase fumes and oil vapor from your engine's air intake. Increases horsepower by removing the engine's requirement to burn relaitvely non-combustable oil. Also improves intercooler efficiency by preventing the oil sludge coating that lowers thermal efficiency. Excess oil vapor is routed to our translucent catch can where it condenses and collects for occasional draining via integrated petcock valve. Kit includes K&N breather and Sea-Doo mounting bracket along with all neccesary hardware & installation instructions.

Our Price: $134.95
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