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RXP X Stage Kit
RXP-X Riva Stage I Kit (255hp)
Stock 68 MPH @ 8,000 RPM
Stage I Kit

74 MPH @ 8,000 RPM

Parts Price Total: $1,309.70
Price if Purchased as Kit: $1,240.00
You save $69.70!
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RXPX Reduction Nozzle
RIVA SD Pro-Series Reduction Nozzle
Nozzle exit diameter can be easily changed via interchangeable ring system.
Looking for more RPM or acceleration power? Insert a larger diameter ring.
Want more top speed? Install a smaller diameter ring.
Nozzle includes three precision-machined stainless steel rings in graduated sizes.
Additional ring sizes available.

Our Price: $379.95
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Solas Concord Impeller
Sea Doo Solas R-Series Concord Impeller - 15/19R
Featured on Riva Racing Stage 1 Kit for RXP-X & RXT-X models.

Our Price: $329.95
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Solas Concord Impeller
Sea Doo Solas R-Series Concord Impeller - 15/22R
Featured on Riva Racing Stage 1 Kit for RXP-X & RXT-X models.

Our Price: $319.95
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RXPX Performance Power Filter Kit
RIVA Sea Doo 255 215 Performance Power Filter Kit
The Power Filter feeds your supercharger with a steady diet of cool air via a large 3” diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element.
Ducting is precision formed from a race proven composite that will not conduct heat to incoming air.
Installs securely via a silicone coupler and sturdy bracket. Includes pre-filter element.
NOTE: It will be necessary to upgrade your stock pump impeller to a steeper pitch when using our Power Filter Kit.
Sea•Doo and RIVA both strongly recommend the use of premium octane (91+) pump fuel in your Supercharged watercraft.

Our Price: $239.95
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Sea Doo RXP-X Top-Loader Intake Grate
RIVA Sea Doo RXP-X / RXT-X Top-Loader Intake Grate
Our top-loader intake grate features a unique tapered wing design that eliminates prop spin and cavitation while delivering enhanced acceleration and 2mph additional top-speed. Deep side rails improve stability and handling. Durable black race coating protects from corrosion. Race Legal. Fits all RXP-X & RXT-X models.

Our Price: $149.95
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Riva Pump Wedge
Sea Doo RIVA 2° Pump Wedge
The precision-machined 2-degree wedge trims up your pump nozzle raising the bow of your craft for less drag.
RIVA Pump Wedge features a unique double-sided lip to retain silicone sealant and prevent cavitation.
Constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum.

NOTE: We do not recommend installing our Pump Wedge without installing an aftermarket intake grate such as our Top-Loader Intake Grates (RXP part# RS22050 / GTX part# RS22055). Our Performance Development Team has found that installing the Pump Wedge without an aftermarket intake grate causes the craft to handle unpredictably.

Our Price: $129.95
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Sea Doo VTS Extension Rod
Riva Sea Doo VTS Extension Rod
Necessary on modified craft to keep bow down during initial acceleration while still providing maximum top speed advantage when trimmed up.
Adjustable design comes preset for RIVA 2° Pump Wedge (part# RS23050).

Our Price: $89.95
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