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R&D Pro Tune Adjustable Cam Gear Kit - Yamaha FZS/FZR/SHO

R&D Pro Tune Adjustable Cam Gear Kit - Yamaha FZS/FZR/SHO

Our Price: $219.95

Product Code: 612-93008

R&D’s Racing Cam Gear kit allows a huge boost in overall horsepower to be gained by custom tuning the OEM Camshafts LSA (lobe separation angle) set up. Tuning the OEM Cam’s LSA with R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears can add 200-300 RPM’s, increased boost pressure, and 2-3 MPH to your existing engine package.  Adjusting the camshafts LSA is a very simple “BOLT IN” modification with the R&D Pro Tune Adjustable Cam Gear Kit.  Understanding the LSA concept principle is fairly easy.  A wide LSA like found in the SHO and FZR will generally result in decreased valve overlap, later intake events, earlier exhaust events, and high intake manifold VACUUM (higher vacuum at idle) which produce great idle, smooth accelerating with mild low and top end power.  Wide LSA’s are great for school buses and soccer mom vans.  However, if strong mid range pull and top end horsepower is what you’re looking for, then a narrower LSA will need to be generated. The R&D Pro Tune Cam Gear Kit allows the LSA (lobe separation angle) to be adjusted narrower which will generate increased valve overlap, earlier intake events, and later exhaust events.  Resulting in snappier throttle response, increased mid range and top end power with more boost.  Why spend big money on aftermarket camshaft kits (i.e. 1800 N.A. Cams) that generally only offer a narrower LSA?  Buy the R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears designed specifically to offer a narrower LSA to improve overall power at a fraction of the cost of aftermarket cams, and they provide an optimum overall tune with the stock or reprogrammed ECU.  
The R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears are billet CNC machined, Heat Treated, and ground from steel alloy to deliver durable strength with precise timing.  The R&D Cam Gear Kit offers four possible LSA combinations that allow the cams to be precision tuned depending on the type of riding or racing and type of fuel.  The R&D Cam Gear Kit utilizes the proven and precision O.E.M. shouldered bolt mount design to perfectly center, align, and time the cam and properly support the cast cam flanges from cracking and breaking over slotted gears that are known to break cam flanges. R&D knows that cam lobe profile and cam timing is the heart of a good running engine, In fact, R&D has built a specific engine designated for degreeing, checking and proving camshaft lobe specifications, LSA and LC combinations. Depend on the Pro’s at R&D to deliver all your horsepower needs.
    • Aggressive throttle response, increased overall horsepower
    • Increased rpm performance (+200-300 RPM Gain)
    • Boost Pressure Increase (+1 pound)
    • 10-15 Horsepower Increase (25 H.P. increase with RC2 Cam)
    • Precision CNC Billet, Ground, and Heat Treated Cam Gears (lighter than stock)
    • R&D R1, R2, and R3 ECU Compatible
    • Works well with R&D RC1/RC2 Cam Regrind and Valve Spring Kit upgrades
    • Easy installation
    • Bolt on Higher Horsepower Upgrade

  • NOTE:  R&D has determined that the O.E.M LSA is a WIDE 120° degrees stock, with an intake cam lobe center of 122.5° degrees.  LSA tuning options in the R&D Pro Tune Cam Gear Kit allow adjustments to match the LSA of the Yamaha 1800 N.A. Cam.  Considering the LSA timing facts, using the R&D Pro Tune Cam Gears to tune the cams will generate huge performance power gains.  R&D has found in testing that a 2.5° degree LSA change will act similar to a 1 pound boost addition and rpm gain.  Tests have proven that an R&D C1 or C3 compressor wheel and a 7° degree LSA change can have the same performance advantages as a 15 pound compressor wheel. Call R&D for current power upgrade information as we are constantly at work looking for more.

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