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Product Code: 612-93009

R&D’s RC1 Recreational/Racing Camshaft kit offers a great boost in horsepower for the recreational rider/racer who wants as much lift and duration that can be “Bolted In” without valve spring changes or valve guide machining. The R&D RC1 will install and work well with O.E.M. valve springs and retainers.  The RC1 is a great choice for recreational and offshore riding or racing targeting the 7500-8500 RPM range for top end power while also improving low and mid range performance. The secret to the R&D cam lobe is in the precision grind finish on the cams base circle and duration at .050”.  R&D maintains strict specifications in this area of the cam lobe which is the key to having strong vacuum, a great idle tune, and clean acceleration performance.
Overall lobe Lift and Durations are increased to allow as much lift as possible and still run O.E.M. “uncut” valve guides. R&D has improved the lobe profile with “state-of-the-art” technologies that will reduce valve lifter friction and improve valve lifter wear. The R&D “boost friendly” lobe profiles increased lift and duration will produce a noticeable horsepower increases and work well with C1, C3, and C5 Monster Wheels and also work well with R&D R1, R2, and R3 ECU Reprogramming Services.  R&D RC1 custom cams can be installed easily and shimmed with basic hand tools and the O.E.M. service manual in as little as two hours without the removal of the head, or any valve spring or retainer parts.  Call R&D today for further details and specifications for all your camshaft and valve train upgrades.
    • Aggressive throttle response, increased overall horsepower
    • Increased rpm performance (150-200 RPM Gain)
    • Increased lift and duration (.368” lift and 6° degrees more duration)
    • LC and LSA tunable (with R&D Cam Gears)
    • 10-15 Bolt on Horsepower up grade
    • R&D R1, R2 and R3 ECU Compatible
    • Works well with R&D Valve Spring Kit upgrades
    • Easy installation
  • NOTE: The R&D RC1 Recreational Camshaft Grind Specifications have been extensively endurance tested to be the best lobe profile for recreational riding or offshore racing.  The lift and duration are similar to the Yamaha 1800 N.A. cam with a total lift average of .368”. The duration on the RC1 cam is less at .050” lift over the N.A., however, the same 6° degree duration advantage is in the recipe. That puts the RC1 comparable on lift, equal on overall duration and a strong low end vacuum to allow the use of R1, R2, and R3 ECU’s.  R&D has worked hard in the duration curve area of the cam paying careful attention to the duration at .050” and overall added duration.

  • The R&D recreational camshaft kit is a performance modification regrind that is performed in a normal 2-3 day turnaround to your existing camshaft cores.  R&D also stocks Camshaft kits that can be mail ordered direct with a reasonable additional cam core charge. R&D camshaft specifications have been performance tested against the 1800 naturally aspirated cams, and clearly, there is no comparison in the tune ability area.  R&D suggests that the FZ/FZR, and SHO supercharged engines should benefit greatly from a supercharger or turbocharger specific cam lobe profile and design.  If installing the R1 Cams with R&D Pro Tune Cam Timing Gears, a MoTeC or comparable ECU must be used for tuning as aggressive lobe center changes will reduce engine vacuum to lower than 15 inches and special custom tuning will be required.  R&D RC1 cams are a precision tolerance regrind.  Valve lifter re-shimming will be necessary.  R&D will supply shimming specifications with each cam set that will make valve adjustment easy.  R&D recommends the use of Hot Cams Shim Kits also available from R&D.


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