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ULTRA 250X Intercooler Cooling Kit
Our Price: $209.95

The R&D Ultra 250 Intercooler Temperature Control system was developed to offer an inexpensive complete bolt on kit that will allow the full performance and cooling potential the O.E.M. intercooler has to offer for recreational applications. Intercooler core water temperatures have a range of affect on the supercharged air temperatures that enter into the engine. The Kawasaki Ultra 250 Intercooler operates on a dual line entrance mixture of lake temperature water and hot (140 degree) engine water that enters from the exhaust manifold to the top of the intercooler. R&D has found that bypassing the hot engine cooling water directly outward, and adding an additional intercooler cooling line, there can be a substantial and noticeable increase in low end and midrange power along with reduced detonation. The R&D Intercooler Temperature Control Kit also includes an industry first intercooler pressure relief blowoff valve to keep internal water pressures down to safe O.E.M. pressure ranges. R&D offers a range of machined flow control fittings to allow water volume control tuning for intercooler temperature adjustments for warm lake water and extreme hot air conditions. R&D offers an additional pressure relief blowoff valve kit for high water volume flow rates on higher boost Performer and Stage 1 engine kits. The R&D Kit will allow temperature tuning that will deliver surprising results. Why upgrade to aftermarket intercooler kits when there is more performance and power potential hidden in the stock intercooler system?
Our Price: $162.86

The R&D Kit will allow temperature tuning that will deliver surprising results. Unlock hidden performance and power potential in the OEM stock intercooler or aftermarket intercooler system by reducing intercooler core temperatures.
Ultra 250