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Kawasaki SXR Digital CDI-9R by Mitsubishi
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Kawasaki SXR Digital Igntition
NEW for 2009! SXR 800 and SXi 750 Digital CDI-9R Igntition. Now featuring 4 different switchable curves, (Stock, Limited and Super Stock) and re-engineered to draw less battery power than its excellent predecessor. The 2009 digital CDI-9R fits all Kawasaki Model SXR 800, the new X2, and all years JS750SXi, Sxi PRO, X4, and Xi. This bulletproof digital CDI-9R is Manufactured by Mitsubishi, retaining the same OEM Mitsubishi quality and tolerances as the stock ignition. THE GOAL? Maintaining that excellent original craftmanship while providing the latest in technology, racing and freeride performance. What is the core benefit over a stock ignition or a timing advance kit? Simple-- this unit is completely battery powered, with a maximum drain of only two amps at 7000 RPM. What this does is give you blazing full juice ignition through the whole powerband, not just on the lower rpm bottom end like a timing advance kit. Designed as a simple install, it replaces the stock ignition without any modification, or alternate color coding of the stock wiring. Fits all 2003-current model SXR's. THE CHOICE for all classes of IJSBA racing. Includes switches, wiring loom, and mounting plate.