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Ultra 260 Racing Pistons
RIVA Pro-Series 4-Stroke Racing Pistons Ultra 260 / 250
Our Price: $239.95

Our forged racing pistons deliver maximum reliability and performance in high boost & turbo applications. High strength piston kits include premium ring package, tool steel wrist pin & carbon steel wire locks.

Key Benefits Include:
9.5:1 & 10.5:1 compression ratio.
CNC machined from high strength/lightweight forgings.
Improved lubrication hole placement for reduced friction.
Premium low friction ring package.
High-strength tool steel wrist pins machined from special tool steel bar stock & heat treated.
Carbon steel wire locks.
R&D Ultra 250, 9.5-1 Compression Ratio Piston Kit
R&D Ultra 250, 9.5-1 Compression Ratio Piston Kit
Our Price: $723.40

R&D Ultra Forged Racing Piston Kits have been developed for the hard core race enthusiasts or precision engine builders who are looking to gain maximum horsepower and reliability from their racing engines. R&D offers high quality forged aluminum, heat treated, and CNC machined racing pistons in 9.5-1 compression ratios to replace O.E.M. cast aluminum pistons known to break, crack, or shatter in high performance, high heat conditions. High horsepower marine engines with high boost pressures are more prone to have detonation over conventional racing engines due to sustained loads. Forged pistons in marine applications are a must. What ever performance platform you are planning to build, trust the pros at R&D with all your compression ratio, boost, and engine management needs or questions.