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Riva Supercharger Clutch Washers
RIVA Heavy-Duty SeaDoo Supercharger Clutch Washers

NOTE: BRP recommends that you replace the Supercharger shaft/clutch assembly when servicing your supercharger. Order part# 420881100 (`08 spec). Requires `08 spec Heavy-duty Clutch Washers (part# RS1751-HDW-948).
Supercharger High Performance Clutch Washer Kit
R&D Sea-Doo SC Supercharger High Performance Clutch Washer Kit

The R&D High Performance Supercharger Clutch Washer Kit is a direct replacement upgrade for the factory BRP O.E.M. clutch washers. The R&D High Performance Clutch Kit is manufactured from a high strength, wear resistant bronze alloy material that has a yield strength of 32,000 psi plus, and a Rockwell hardness of B95. The R&D Superclutch was designed to be able to wear over time without failing under the stresses of the Sea-Doo superchargers high RPM's (42,000) and high heat. The R&D kit will directly replace and out perform all existing aftermarket kits. The R&D Clutch Washer Kit is designed to not only improve reliability but also increase boost by decreasing clutch slippage. Improve performance and protect your investment with the R&D Clutch washer kit.