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Yamaha GP1200R Riva Stage 2 Kit
GP1200R Riva Stage II Kit
Stock 63-64mph @ 7150 rpm
Stage I Kit 68 mph @ 7250 rpm
Stage II Kit

70 mph @ 7280 rpm

Parts Price Total: $1,723.37
Price if Purchased as Kit: $1,616.00
You save $107.37!
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RIVA Solas Concord Set-Back Impeller
RIVA Solas Concord Set-Back Impeller, 13/20, 155mm (66V)
Set-Back 13-20 Degree, 155mm (66V)
The RIVA/Solas ‘Set-Back’ is a special series of performance impellers offered exclusively by RIVA and RIVA authorized dealers.
Built by Solas, these impellers deliver the ultimate in performance for modified Yamaha watercraft.
Inner hub is machined allowing impellers to mount closer to vein housing for reduced cavitation and more top speed.
All three blades are digitally calibrated to RIVA’s uniform pitch specifications.
Impellers are then dynamically spin-balanced at high RPM.
A precision factory blueprinting process is performed far exceeding any ‘prop shop’ services available.
Includes Billet Impeller Cone for maximum performance and durability.

Our Price: $269.95
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RIVA GP1200R Flame Arrestor Kit
RIVA GPR Flame Arrestor Kit (66V)
Fits Yamaha 1200 Powervalve motors. Designed to increase airflow to your carburetors and allow your engine to produce more HP. Kit fits 44mm OEM carburetors. Includes stainless capped, screen type flame arrestors built to our specifications by K&N, anodized aluminum carburetor adapters, water-repellent pre-filter covers and all necessary hardware. NOTE: Removal of catalytic converter is required prior to installation. Please see our Exhaust section for replacement alternatives.

Our Price: $239.95
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R&D FIXED TRIM PADS, GP 1200R/1300R/800R
R&D FIXED TRIM PADS, GP 1200R/1300R/800R

Our Price: $225.95
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Riva Yamaha GP1300R Reed Stuffer Kit
RIVA Boyesen Reed Stuffer Kit, Yamaha 1200/1300 PV (66V/60T) 3 pcs
Riva precision aluminum reed stuffers were designed to increase fuel/air velocity through the intake tract, resulting in increased throttle response and acceleration. These stuffers fit your stock reed cages and match perfectly with the original intake manifold. Will not warp or loose shape like traditional plastic stuffers. A very economical bolt-on performance

Our Price: $174.95
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RIVA GPR1300R Performance Ride Plate
RIVA GPR Performance Ride Plate
Fits all GP800R / 1200R / 1300R
Designed to fit all GPR models
Reduces Porposing
Provides Quicker Planing
Compatible with OEM Speedo Sender
IJSBA Race Legal

Our Price: $169.95
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RIVA GPR1300R Top-Loader Grates
RIVA GPR Top-Loader Intake Grates
Two Bar Design with Black Race Finish
Designed for Stock to Stage III Craft
Reduced Cavitation
Improved Handling
Race-Bred Design

Our Price: $139.95
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GP 1200R Anti-Cavitation Cone, YAM GPR /`02~07 FX
GP 1200R Anti-Cavitation Cone, YAM GPR /`02~07 FX
The asymmetrical upsweep of the cone precisely matches the angle of the reduction nozzle significantly reducing cavitation and improving bottom end punch, midrange pull and overall performance.

Constructed of cast aluminum and powder coated to prevent corrosion.

Our Price: $91.87
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Riva Yamaha GPR1300R Pump Seal Kit
Riva GPR Pump Seal Kit
Dramatically reduce cavitation and prop spin with our easy to install Pro Pump Seal Kits. Location specific, molded inserts fill the voids in OEM pump inlet shoe that bleed air into pump causing cavitation. Recommended for modified craft using aftermarket intake grates. Includes detailed installation instructions.

Our Price: $79.95
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Riva Cat Removal DPlate
Riva Cat Removal D-Plate
The Riva “D” plate is a low cost product that directly replaces the catalytic converter in the GP1200R, XL1200Ltd, XLT1200, and GP1300R. Installation increases top-end speed, reduces under-hood operating temperatures and allows the use of regular 2-stroke oils. This unit is a high quality stainless steel replica of the plate that is standard equipment on export model Yamaha watercraft without emission controls.
Please note, you will also need this chip to make the conversion

Our Price: $74.99
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Riva GPR Free Flow Exhaust Kit
Riva GPR Free Flow Exhaust Kit
Replaces the restrictive sound suppression system on GPR's. Provides reduced back-pressure that improves engines performance and reduces harmful detonation. Easy installation with noticeable results.
IJSBA Superstock legal. IJSBA Limited & Superstock legal.

Our Price: $49.95
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RIVA Cat Temp Sensor Chip GP1200R
Cat Temp Sensor Chip Yamaha 1200 | 1300 PV (66V/60T)
The Riva Cat Temp Sensor Chip is a must when removing the OEM catalytic converter on Yamaha 1200 Powervalve engines. The circuit is designed to mimic the signal sent to the OEM CDI by the catalytic converter’s temperature probe preventing CDI flutters, warning devices sounding and engine shut downs due to cat removal. Can be used with stock or modified OEM CDI’s. Plugs directly into factory wiring harness.

Our Price: $19.95
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